Plant:  801 Spring Creek Road
Bainbridge, Georgia  39817

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Southeastern Minerals Plant

Southeastern Minerals Inc

Southeastern Minerals, Inc. was started in 1962.  In 1982, the plant pictured below was built.  This plant is operated by a Batch Process Control Computer.  There are five production lines in the plant.  One line dedicated to trace mineral premixes, two to phosphate mineral products (usually containing molasses) and one to bagging ingredients directly from rail cars and trucks.  The fifth line is actually a separate blending system that is completely isolated.  In this system, 3% and 1% Se selenium premixes are produced from 45% Se sodium selenite.  These diluted mixes are then utilized in the trace mineral blending system, shipped to the three other companies for their blending operations, or blended down to .20%, .06% and .02% Se selenium premixes

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Southeastern Minerals is capable of bulk or bagged, rail or truck receipt and shipment.
Southeastern Minerals primarily serves the Southeastern United States feed industry and is involved in export to Central and South America and the Far East.​