Started when Southeastern Minerals, Inc., Eastern Minerals, Inc., and Marshall Minerals, Inc. formed a limited partnership with SEM Minerals, Inc. to purchase the ASA Business Unit of the

J. M. Huber Company in Quincy, Illinois on January 31, 1998.

Started in 1978 in Henderson, North Carolina.  The plant, pictured above, was the first to use the concept of ground level tank storage, which was later used when Southeastern Minerals, Inc. built its new plant in Bainbridge, Georgia.

 Started in 1962.  The present plant  was built in 1982.  Southeastern Minerals is capable of bulk or bagged, rail or truck receipt and shipment. Primarily serves the southeastern United States feed industry.  Also involved in export to Central and South America and the Far East.

‚ÄčAll of the mineral companies are involved in the production, sale and distribution of private label trace mineral premixes, trace mineral ingredients, private label phosphate mineral products (except SEM Minerals, L.P.), mineral ingredients, specialty pet food ingredients and premixes and complementing ingredients such as amino acids, choline chloride, yeast culture, urea, etc.

Each plant is operated by a Batch Process Control Computer and is compliant with HACCP, RUPP, the Bioterrorism Preparedness Act of 2002, and capable of meeting pet food quality standards.  Additionally, each plant operates under the policies and procedures of the company Quality Control and Quality Assurance manual, which is compliant with all Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Southeastern Eastern Marshall SEM Minerals Plants

Company Profile

Started  1974 in Marshall, Texas.  This facility was built using overhead storage, a design that was changed when the plant at Eastern Minerals, Inc. was constructed by its own engineers in 1978.