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SEM Minerals, L.P. Plant

Plant: 3806 Gardner Expressway
Quincy, Illinois  62305

​SEM Minerals, L.P

​SEM Minerals, L.P. was started when Southeastern Minerals, Inc., Eastern Minerals, Inc., and Marshall Minerals, Inc. formed a limited partnership with SEM Minerals, Inc. to purchase the ASA Business Unit of the J.M. Huber Company in Quincy, Illinois on January 31, 1998.  Since this date, numerous changes have been made in the operation of the plant, the warehouse space has been doubled and a Batch Process Control Computer has been installed.  SEM Minerals, L.P. has been designated as our primary plant for the production of pet food premixes and the packing and/or redistribution of pet food ingredients.  The company manufactures trace mineral premixes, and packages trace mineral ingredients and mineral ingredients for its Midwestern and Western animal feed customers.  The company is also a basic producer of Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate.